Deep Drop Light
Fox deep drop light emerged as the next generation of fishing lights or under water led light. Using latest technology of LED illumination, Fox deep drop light does not fade overnight like chemical lights. With a battery life (LR44) up to 75 hours and four different colors, the Fox deep drop light offers a consistent, high-intensity light that attracts fish and offers reusable light. Perfect for deep drop fishing.
Fox deep drop light are proven effective for Swordfish, Grouper, Snapper, Crappie, Striper, Halibut, Salmon, Bass, Yellowtails and other species that have historically been attracted to light.
They are also great when attached to a bait rig such as a Sabiki Rig, and work great dangling from a dock or pier to attract Baitfish. these lights are Fish Magnets!
Simply the Fox deep drop light lasts longer, penetrates deeper into the water column, and catches more fish.

Deep Drop Light
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No Light, No Bite
Fox deep drop light